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The right dealer is key

I'm convinced that finding the right dealer is the #1 key factor when purchasing your RV.

I've read horror stories about service after purchase of a new RV.

I want to rave about the experience we have had with our dealer. Now we just made our purchase about a month or so things could change, but right now I couldn't be happier.

When we picked out our RV...we asked the dealer to hold it for 2 weeks while we rounded up the money. They asked for a CC for a $250 deposit, but they never actually charged the card. That set the experience off on the a good note, and it only got better.

We went back to the dealer a couple of times during that 2 week period just to look at the camper again. During those visits, we found a couple of minor issues that we wanted to have fixed before we took delivery. I sent them an email about a week before we actually made the purchase about those issues. I never heard back regarding those, so I figured I would have to bring it up again later on.

Fast forward to the day before pick up, I called them to confirm our appointment and they told me they were fixing those issues as we spoke....I didn't even have to bring it up again. They brought it up for me.

Day of pickup...we spent about 3 hours on walk-thru and inspection. They were very patient and fixed a couple more minor issues we found right there on the spot. They even gave us 4 of their logo t-shirts even though we were willing to pay for them. They installed my hitch and vent covers while we were doing the walk thru.

Fast forward 2 more week...we have the RV in storage and we notice a small leak under the kitchen sink. Camper is winterized and we have yet to run any water in it, so we were puzzled where it was coming from. I called them on Monday and they schedule us to come in on the Following Saturday. I expected to have to leave the RV there and pick it up days later...but no...they didn't even unhook from my TV. They started working as soon as I arrived.

While working, they found the water pump was bad. They changed it out on the spot. I was in and out in about 90 minutes. Service manager said he wasn't sure if Keystone would pay for the water pump, but he would not charge us for it regardless of what Keystone would do.

One last 2nd hand story I heard about them. They had a customer that had them install a new roof on their 5th wheel. Customer leaves day after work was done for Texas (We're in NC). After arriving in Texas, they found a roof leak. Dealer attempted to find someone in Texas who could go and repair it for them, but found no one. Dealer flew one of their own technicians to Texas to perform the repair for them the very next day. All of this was done at no charge to the customer.

This dealer gets great reviews on Google, Yelp and other review sites.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention their name on here...but the dealer can make the whole difference in the overall experience.

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