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Just another thought to check for. We have had our new Laredo 5th wheel just a month or so and on the return from last trip my wife did a check of the lights. We had tail lights but no turn signal/flashers/brake lights. After spending an afternoon trying to figure it out I found a blown fuse in my truck, under the trail wiring position. But why, so I went through all the hook up wiring on my plug in in the truck, no change. I then checked under the fifth wheel hook up, where the pig tail hooks into the wiring. Some dummy, and I'm being nice, at the factory wired the bare wires to the junction box very tight. Tight enough that I thought this was probably an issue and could rub the plastic off the wires, so I loosened the connection and there it was, a wire had rubbed the plastic coating off and bare wire was touching the junction box. I taped it up and now it works. This may or may not be something to look at but throwing out what I experienced. That was just pure lazyness in the wiring.
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