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Love my ECODiesel

I have a 2015 ECODiesel and love it. On the highway I get 28 mpg in town 17 and pulling my 7,500 (when Loaded) camper get 13.5 MPG .

I live in Colorado so I pull a lot of hills and it does just fine.
Truck 15 Ecodiesel Laramie trim with air suspension.

I have over 60,000 miles on the truck and had one issue when I was in Florida that was covered under the ext warranty. Something to do with the EGR tube that had a small crack.

Between the pulling power and the ride quality, I feel this is the best towing truck out there and so do most reviewers.

The only reason the 19 does not have this engine is they are still getting it certified with the EPA. Should be soon from what I have heard. A 2019 mule with the Ecodiesel has been spotted in Colorado testing.

I would buy a new one without hesitation.
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