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Had one more idea that came up with that never got a chance to research that I think is worth mentioning if someone is interested in a "hack".

Been doing some research now and fairly confident the board that the antenna wire is connected to appears to be a typical "stick on" 2.4GHz antenna. The other end is a U.FL connector which is just a mini coax cable that connects to the BCM board. This connector can unplug from the BCM board by carefully using small needle nose pliers to grab it, rotate it back and forth a little, and pull out on it a bit to get the snap type fitting to release. I was able to find up to 42in U.FL extension cables that could plug into it and then connect that either a new antenna board, see if could remove the existing board to use it, or seems going to a more standard SMA type antenna (like you see on wireless cameras, routers, etc.) with as high of db signal gain as can find (9db seems about the highest). Could then experiment with this long antenna to see if can find new location to get much better signal at DC. The ideal situation would be to run it to behind the DC but not sure of practical limits of an extension. Not putting specifics in this as will let anyone wanting to do this research and choose parts they are confident with. This is a common hack for other wireless devices that most have had great luck with if do some searching on the internet. I am thinking even for those who just have occasional BCM connecting issues that its due to a brief loss of signal strength due to some form of interference and likely could be prevented with better antenna placement.
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