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Originally Posted by Javi View Post
I guess that's the point, I don't see that the RV industry has done anything to me except give me and others exactly what we've asked for. It may not be the best solution but we have bigger bathrooms, more storage space, larger kitchens, air conditioners, and other things that we have all asked for over the years.

The truck manufacturers have for several years now been giving us a larger and larger trucks with better braking and better pulling power in order to handle the larger trailers that we've asked for.

As a design engineer I have some understanding of exactly what it takes to stop these things and as far as that goes to pull them safely. I'm sorry if I cannot explain it to you to your liking or your understanding but in order to pull these larger trailers it takes more truck, it's simply that simple.

An F-150 just simply isn't capable of safely Towing a 10,000 lb plus trailer, it's just not.

As for the brakes on the trailer, they meet industrial accepted standards should they be larger probably are they going to be anytime soon no. So we're stuck with larger trucks for stopping but not just for stopping, you need the weight of the vehicle to control the trailer.

But getting back to OPs original situation, his truck IS capable of stopping a 6500lb trailer (say 7500lb loaded) TT if the brakes and controller are maintained and adjusted properly. I've just seen so many topics around needing a 3/4-1 ton if pulling a longer trailer because of stopping power, but other threads saying that the same weight 30ft TT is good to go. There is no logic to the madness that goes on in these threads. The length of the TT really doesn't play into the stopping capabilities as the mass isn't any difference if the weights are the same. I could see in some types of jack-knife emergency situations, but the extra 500-1000lbs curb weight that a 3/4 ton has won't save you if the TT decides to go sideways.

I've adjusted my TT so that it nearly locks up if I do a max current test with my factory controller. I've never felt the trailer attempt to push my truck when I've had to brake hard. I can say that from a stopping perspective, by boat trailer with surge brakes has tried to push me slightly when stopping fast. Never felt this with the TT.
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