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Originally Posted by Johnny's Journey View Post
No Sir very much the opposite. I've tried to explain in length what seemed to be missing for me to understand better. But rather the Senior/Veteran members seemingly frown upon it and I've backed way off on making post's and replying. I can do my own learning by just reading. I have learned a lot here and I thank all of you for your experience. We are not Children and need to be treated like one. Be upset with where the RV Industry has put you, not us.
I guess that's the point, I don't see that the RV industry has done anything to me except give me and others exactly what we've asked for. It may not be the best solution but we have bigger bathrooms, more storage space, larger kitchens, air conditioners, and other things that we have all asked for over the years.

The truck manufacturers have for several years now been giving us a larger and larger trucks with better braking and better pulling power in order to handle the larger trailers that we've asked for.

As a design engineer I have some understanding of exactly what it takes to stop these things and as far as that goes to pull them safely. I'm sorry if I cannot explain it to you to your liking or your understanding but in order to pull these larger trailers it takes more truck, it's simply that simple.

An F-150 just simply isn't capable of safely Towing a 10,000 lb plus trailer, it's just not.

As for the brakes on the trailer, they meet industrial accepted standards should they be larger probably are they going to be anytime soon no. So we're stuck with larger trucks for stopping but not just for stopping, you need the weight of the vehicle to control the trailer.

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