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Originally Posted by Koladog View Post
Its the deltran battery tender plus.
That unit is a 12 volt tender not a charger.
AS far as using it on a 6 volt battery Absolutely not...... Here how it works..... Lets say a batterys 6 volts.... To charge it you need about 6.8 to 7 volts to charge it...... You may have noticed 12 volt batterys need 13.8 volts to charge them........ How many amps (current) isnt the issue...... When you give a battery double the voltage it will gas out a lead acid battery quick or overheat any other type of battery damaging it..... If you set your 12 volt charger switch for 1 amp thats based on 12 volts --- You set it to 1 amp and hook it to a 6 volt battery it most likely will draw several amps even though the charger switch says 1..... More current draw means more heat which leads to damage..... NOW I WILL POINT OUT You can use a 12 volt battery charger to charge two 6 volt batterys ONLY if they are wired in series..... If you have only one 6 volt battery then its not possible....
Hope this helps.
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