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Good to know!

Thanks for sharing that insight although the mariner has 20"
tires one would think its small but its not the fat tires add to the wheel size significantly like about another 7 or 8 inches on top of the 20"
rim, they are excellent on gravel and trail's we really enjoy them maybe i will just have to get a good bike carrier. I also love the Rad Mini they look so cool but could not find a dealer in Canada, that would have been my bike of choice! do your cheap knock off perform ok?

Originally Posted by cvin View Post
I have several E bikes thatís why I have the outback front toy hauler model, so I can bring those with me

Those voltbike mariners are nice bikes, a friend of mine has one

Right now the front of my trailer has a rad rover, rad mini, a cheap knock off 20 inch fat tire similar to your bikes and another 26 inch Chinese knock off 4 inch fat tire

Ride them all over, like the fat tires for gravel forest roads etc. but do a decent amount of riding on pavement also

I am sticking with the fat tires, although I may get one mid drive 3 inch in the next few months

Other than going to a 20 inch Folder with smaller tires I donít know how much smaller you can get Thdn the voltbike that you have

I have a prodeco mariner which is smaller 20 inch tires, throttle only and itís been a pretty good bike, it is lighter to move around etc. and folds pretty small, they have a two year warranty which is nice

Biktrix has a 20 inch folder also I think, Sondors just put out that 20 inch

If you are going to stay with 20 inch folders which is as small footprint as I can think of, there are a lot more options now
Teen, magnum etc

Ebr is a great forum/ review site for researching electric bikes

As you know they are getting better every year
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