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I have several E bikes that’s why I have the outback front toy hauler model, so I can bring those with me

Those voltbike mariners are nice bikes, a friend of mine has one

Right now the front of my trailer has a rad rover, rad mini, a cheap knock off 20 inch fat tire similar to your bikes and another 26 inch Chinese knock off 4 inch fat tire

Ride them all over, like the fat tires for gravel forest roads etc. but do a decent amount of riding on pavement also

I am sticking with the fat tires, although I may get one mid drive 3 inch in the next few months

Other than going to a 20 inch Folder with smaller tires I don’t know how much smaller you can get Thdn the voltbike that you have

I have a prodeco mariner which is smaller 20 inch tires, throttle only and it’s been a pretty good bike, it is lighter to move around etc. and folds pretty small, they have a two year warranty which is nice

Biktrix has a 20 inch folder also I think, Sondors just put out that 20 inch

If you are going to stay with 20 inch folders which is as small footprint as I can think of, there are a lot more options now
Teen, magnum etc

Ebr is a great forum/ review site for researching electric bikes

As you know they are getting better every year
2015 Outback Terrain 230
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