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EXceding forum limits

Not sure how to break the news to you, but your forum membership is being re-evaluated. It seems that your new Montana exceeds our forum RV limitations as set out in our Forum guidelines and policies in the following areas:

1) RV Length: Maximum length allowed = 38ft. You are 3 inches too long.
2) RV Height: Maximum height allowed = 12'6". You are 3 inches too high
3) Fridge: Maximum doors allowed = 2. You have 4
4) Landing gear: Maximum landing points = 4. You have 6
Not only are you 2 over but also they are automatic and hydraulic as well.
5) Decadence: Your unit is beyond what is deemed "acceptable"
6) Luxury: Your unit is off our forum Luxury Scale.

After an investigation into your new acquisition and a thorough review of your membership is completed, we will send you a PM advising you of our decision.

(Breaking News...... the Committee has met and has issued the following statement...... "Do not covet thy neighbor's Montana. Enjoy all 38 ft 3 inches!!!!! " )
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