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There are probably several different warranties out there, some better than others. In our case it was free from the dealer, and the annual requirement is well worth the $99 that our dealer charges. I could do it myself, but it's just not worth my time for that small fee. Our actual warranty language does not require that our dealer do the work, only that it be done by a professional repair facility with documentation showing the work done. They do not require a dealer to winterize, only these items:
  1. Inspect roof and seal roof where necessary.
  2. Inspect axles and hub, lube where necessary.
  3. Inspect furnace - clean blower, combustion chamber, control compartment (remove any dust, lint, obstructions) as necessary, test gas line for leaks.
  4. Inspect hot water heater - flush holding tank, manually operate pressure temperature relief valve, clean burner tube (as outlined by the manufacturer) as necessary.
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