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Originally Posted by jackorte View Post
It looks like a weather vein and swivels to stay in direction of wind.neg pressure pulls gas out,rv supplier has them.
Yup! Another vote up for this! On our old 1977 Mobile Traveler we had a terrible odor problem early on traveling with all the kids. I installed one of the "weather vane" vent devices..similar to the Camco Cyclone but not that one..I don't remember the specific brand or name of mine, and didn't find it doing a quick internet search. But did it work wonders! We've never had an odor problem since.

We haven't had an odor problem with our new Passport yet, but we've only had it out maybe a total of 14 days since new. But I wouldn't hesitate to install one again if I get a whiff of any trouble!
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