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Dankent Have just gone through major repairs on the roof of my 2009 Cougar 278 RKS bought in Jan 2010. I was told that the wrinkles in the roof were "not unusual" after sending pictures and an inspection at one of the dealer centres.
The wrinkles got larger and eventually the rubber roof was mostly loose all the way back to the first vent and and on a final trip flopped around like a loose bed sheet.
Sent new pictures to the dealer and of course they didn't have a record of my pictures that I had sent and Keystone wouldn't do anything because the unit was past warranty. Dealer agreed to fix it if I paid half.
As the dealer is over 300 km. away and I had to make two trips, my fuel bill was over $300.
They peeled the rubber roof back to the first vent, re-glued it replaced mouldings, put a 4" strip of tape next to the front moulding and dicor self levelling sealant. After my first trip I still have a few bubbles similar to yours.
Will be sending pictures etc again.
I discussed whole issue with the general manager and he apologized, said they should have fixed it the first time and there would be no cost to me. Still cost me $300 in fuel.
I'm still not convinced the fix will be good.
I had spoken to two other dealers and they said wrinkles are not normal.
A long story but I would be concerned about future problems!
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