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Yep, now it "comes together" and the light is shining. I'm guessing that Reese and/or CURT will be making a "picture frame" adapter for the GM puck system before too long. The aftermarket program seems to be running 6 to 12 months behind the OEM market. I had a Reese adapter plate for the puck system in my 2013 F250. It worked "OK" at best, but wasn't as "neat and tidy" as the hitch leg adapter setup. While I could take the adapter plate out and have a "clean bed", when the adapter plate and the hitch were installed, it all sat about 2" higher than it would have with the "legs only" version. In my 2015 F250, that 2" made the hitch sit "too high" and I couldn't get the trailer to tow level. So I finally bought the CURT leg setup for my CURT hitch head and did away with the "picture frame adapter". While it worked, it wasn't the "best setup".

So, my advice to you would be, if you're seriously considering the GM puck system, rather than spending $350 on an adapter plate, wait for Reese to offer the "GM puck leg" system for your current hitch. It'll cost you about the same and will give you a much better "outcome" as far as usability of the hitch when installed and easier removal of the system when you want a "clean bed"...

Who knows, Reese may already have the leg system available to "update" your current hitch head to fit the GM puck system.

But, you won't find a "Ford or RAM setup" that fits the GM. Unfortunately, all three of the truck manufacturers have their own system and none of them are compatible.....

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