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Originally Posted by NJdudette View Post
Unfortunately it appears that my hitch can't be installed with an under bed rail system on the Chevy 2500. The dealer has called a few places and each place said my hitch wouldn't fit. I could install above the bed rails, but I don't want to do that and my hitch is less than a year old and I don't feel like spending more money to buy another hitch. Looks like the deal isn't going to happen
I think a lot of us are going to be confused by your statement. So, please go back to your first post in this thread and see if you "left out some vital information"..... I believe all of us are of the impression that your Reese 16K fifth wheel hitch simply "pins into common bed rails" mounted inside your truck bed.

In your last post, you indicated that the Chevy 2500 has an "under bed rail system". Do you mean the "new puck system" ??? If so, there will probably be an adapter plate that you can purchase to "replace the in bed rails" so that you can use an "old style fifth wheel hitch" with the "new style puck system".... When Ford started offering their "puck system" it was about 6 months before Reese developed the adapter plate and when RAM started selling their "puck system" it took about 9 months until Reese offered their adapter for it. To date, I don't believe anyone is offering an adapter plate for the GM "puck system" but it's only a matter of time before it will be available. Here's a link to the Ford and RAM adapters:,1650

Just my hunch, but is this adapter what you're talking about needing?

ADDED: CURT Hitch does offer a gooseneck to fifth wheel rail system, so if the Chevy under bed "puck system" has a gooseneck capability, you may want to look at the CURT gooseneck adapter which would probably adapt to your Reese "conventional rail" fifth wheel hitch.

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