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Originally Posted by Ken / Claudia View Post
Mainly the tranny temp is what causes problems towing in high temps. If it or the engine temps get to high pull over and idle. That is as long as the over heat is not from a leak. Some turn the engine off to get the temps down. Shutting the engine off raises the temps.

My F350 had no problem pulling 14,000 all day to 118. Tranny never went more than about 15 more than normal. Ran past dinner time to set up when cooler as no genny so coach AC was not run until stopped. Two 15k AC worked hard for a while to drop 23 . No shade anywhere. Blinds always down. Started Fantastic Fan 15 minutes before starting AC to pull heat out. Stuffed a pillow in the shower skylight to keep heat out. Have fun. BTW, once during that kind of heat there was enough.

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