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Originally Posted by roadglide View Post
Ctbruce What should I expect for weather conditions at Laurie Missouri in the middle of june and how big will the mosquito be ? That's something I'm visiting and your looking for property around Laurie MO. I normally don't miss any good riding but it would make it easier to have a guide .
June's a great month. Spring rains will be gone, temps in mid to upper 80s. In general one of the best months. Skeeters wont be any worse this year than normal. Get some Off and spray your cuffs. MO skeeters are tricky but slow. I usually drive faster, as they are slow and can be outran! LOL!
Of bigger concern will be ticks. They are everywhere and pesky. Be sure to check yourself and pets often. Once again, deet is your friend.
The lake will be warm enough to swim in if so inclined. A long drive from where you'll be, but the cove at HaHaTonka state park is all spring fed and refreshing cool. A family favorite. Bridal cave is right around the corner and worth the stop. For liquid imbibments, you can't beat Big Dick's Half-Way Inn. Be sure to swallow a goldfish. If you wait until later in the year they get too big to swallow. Captain Ron's is also a great venue with good food and live bands.
It'll be hard to have a bad time. Hope this helps.

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