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wanted to update this

took it to the shop to have them put the subfloor in, watching the relatively small guy crawl around on top of the bed with and without the subfloor was pretty discouraging
in fact could not tell there was a whole lot of difference with the wood in
we used close to 3/4 inch subfloor

i was standing back in the toy hauler inside door area and you could really see how much it was moving

the bed was in - which i do not think matters- but the bottom was really flexing way more than i expected as he moved around up there

not sure what to think
guess it is possible it has a broken weld/welds somewhere, but that is going to be difficult to diagnose
would have to pull the new wood and cut out that entire thin wood covering and hope we could see the welds everywhere

may get a new mattress and go from there but right now pretty discouraged
although have to say not at all surprised, goes right along with the rest of the quality of the trailer

gary any chance you noticed how much flex yours had when you were working on it?
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