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wanted to update this

first tech740 the bed does not have any plywood on it, just a thin sheet of some kind of flimsy board

gary i went to a woodshop today and we talked over different things to put down and they thought the subflooring was a good idea, so that is what i got today

before we had lifted the mattress up but not taken it out

today i removed in for mondays install at the wood shop
and i see there is another seam where you can pull up the staples and see what is underneath

the bed is supported with metal tubing and better supported than i expected
in between the metal tubing is that same white styrofoam looking stuff that is in the floor of this trailer

definitely wont hurt to support it better with the subfloor but it was not as bad as i feared, it did seem kind of lumpy so hoping the subfloor will give a more solid/smooth base

took some pictures for anyone else wanting to see how it is made and i put the measuring tape there to give some idea of how far apart they are

there are metal tubes running front to back but i did not pull the wood up or cut it out of there to see how many cross tubes there are if any
the sides of that thin sheet are under the walls

closer to the outer sides there is one support close to the wall and what looks like 2 bigger tubes right next to each other a little further in, not sure if those are actual supports or some kind of channels for the cable slide...
tried to take pics of this also

rather than post a bunch of pics in this thread figure i will put them in my album folder if someone wants to see how the rear bed slides are made

hope this helps someone else
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