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Originally Posted by JRTJH View Post
I'm no plumber, so someone jump in here if I don't explain this correctly. "Satisfactory shower head performance" depends on two factors. First is pressure. Typically any pressure greater than about 35 or 40 PSI is suitable. The second, and just as important, maybe even more important is volume. If you don't have sufficient volume of water flowing through the pipes, it will just trickle out of the shower head no matter if the pressure is 40 or 80 PSI.

Now, most "non-adjustable" tube type (CHEAP) pressure regulators, the $5 plastic ones and the $10 brass ones, usually restrict water flow so much that the volume of water flowing into the trailer is less than 3 or 4 GPM. That sounds sufficient, but when flowing through a 25' half in hose, into the city water connector, through several valves, fittings, being split so half goes to the cold water side and the other half goes to the hot water side and is further restricted by the valves there, it doesn't take much volume reduction to make an otherwise suitable shower turn into a "dribbler".....

I'd suggest getting a good, high volume pressure regulator, one that flows 6 or 8 gallons per minute and adjust it to 40 PSI. You'll likely see a much improved shower experience with a quality shower head. Oh, and don't think that Keystone installs quality shower heads in most of their trailers. A trip to an RV store for an Oxygenics head will almost always bring a smile in the shower.

Think of it this way. Aupply 400 PSI of water pressure through a "pinhole" at the faucet, connect a 25' hose and all you'll get out the other end is a dribble. Now, increase that pinhole to a 1/2" hole and you'll get enough pressure at the other end of the hose to knock the decals off your trailer..... It takes both pressure AND volume to be "workable" for most open ended water functions such as a shower head.
X2 on the Oxygenic shower head and good regulator. I would add in my experience that using a 5/8" hose and a 10" filter improved the flow rate for me.
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