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Hey thanks for all the concern with the van. I've been around long enough not to buy the heaviest trailer I think my vehicle is rated for without accounting for passenegers and cargo. That being said, I also needed to have a trailer big enough to make camping work for us, so trying to balance the two. My brother had a camper with a similar floor plan that weighed over 8000 pounds. No way I'd try that. When I found the passport weighed in less than. 6600 dry weight, I got very interested in the upgrade.

My van has a gvwr of 9600 lbs. With 1000 for the tongue, plus kids and bikes, I expect I'm within that, but pretty darn close. 10,000 is the tow capacity, the trailer gvwr is 8000. We only bring extra kids on shorter trips, when we do bigger things out of state that's generally with just our 6 kids. And for those we may or may not bother with bikes, depending on where we're headed.

I couldn't hardly tell my old jayco hybrid was behind me when towing it with the big van, but of course this one I definitely can feel it back there. Still not bad, and I had some fast passing trucks and semi trailers on the drive home yesterday to get a feel for the draft a bit.
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