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Without seeing pictures of what you're describing, are you talking about "a couple of places where it's discolored" or are you talking about "areas of the ceiling are discolored" or do you mean, from stem to stern, there are nasty orange spots showing through the ceiling panels"...

Keystone uses a "latex caulking material" (water soluable) to cover the nail pin holes in the ceiling. Those pins are steel and sometimes rust when exposed to condensation. Once they start rusting, the "orange stain" will bleed through the latex caulk and stain the molding strips. Sometimes a mixture of water and Clorox sprayed on those areas will remove the stain.

Is it possible that what you're seeing is similar to this? If so, possibly the Clorox mix will work for you?

If it were me, I'd be reluctant to "air brush" a ceiling for $600 when a roller and a gallon of paint will do the same thing for $30 and a couple hours of my time.....

Has the dealer "given up on Keystone" or is your service manager still working on a solution for you?

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