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Slideout Problems

I have just bought an 02' keystone bobcat with slideout. It has set for around 4 years with nothing done to it I mean nothing. We have cleaned it out and washed everythign down. I have noticed a little water damage but thats not my problem. I tryed to extend out the slide and I think its a super slide it has the couch and table in it. When I try to extend it it needs help going out and in. It will go all the way out except for about 4 inches and I have to pull on both ends to get it back in. All the tim doing that i have to give it a break or the motor will reset. I have it very close to leavel with the jacks down and the camper is pluged in. I did spray some silicon on the track (I know prob not the right stuff to use) and it might have helped a bit but not much. Is it possable that I need to just work it in and out to get it loosened up? I just dont want to burn the motor up or damage something.

any ideas?
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