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Angry Winterizing a 2013 Laredo 292RL????

We just traded our Wildcat for a new 2013 Laredo 292RL. It was a great floorplan. We knew that Laredo is an entry level trailer and were prepared for a few issues, but the winterzing situation for this model is DISGUSTING!!!!!!. It has a 5" hole inside the front under-belly to reach in and drag out a siphon hose for the antifreeze. Then your supposed to reach the hot water heater where there is only one shutoff valve ( turned in the away position ) and FOUR FEET inside the little hole????? Keystone engineers must have LONG ARMS/ I can't even reach the hot water heater when I take the entire cover off that side of the underbelly.
I called the customer support desk, talked to a woman that said there was a winterzing compartment next to my dump valves on the outside.. No Sorry!! Nothing on the outside. Evidently she does not know anything about this model. I called back talked to another lady that was familar with my model. She said that only one valve on the cold because the hot had a anti siphon valve to keep the antifreeze from going into the hot water tank. When I asked how to get to the one valve, she said try taking a step pannel off from the inside? That is 5 feet away? Does anyone at the Keystone factory know anything or even care. I have buyers remorse and haven't even spent one night in the trailer. Makes me wish I had considered Heartland or Forrest River more and not shopped floor plan. Anyone had any experience similar?
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