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Originally Posted by geo View Post
BigSky3625 -

As several members here will tell you, I have "been all through this". If you go up to the title bar menu, click on Community, then click on Members. Go to the third page under G, and click on "geo". Click on the Statistics tab, then "Threads started by geo". There you will find all the information, with pictures, of what I have learned of the underbelly and basement over the past two years. Your Big Sky and the Alpine have most everything in common.

Now, just to add to what I've already written in the past, try this. Go to the end cap of your Big Sky and look under it. See how the fiberglass comes down below the coroplast? And how this is basically an opening? Does it make you think "air scoop"? I will tell you that the opening you are looking at is in direct air communication with the slat openings beneath the stairs! Cold air gets funneled down the underbelly, around the fresh water and galley gray tanks, around the end of the floor behind the WaterWorks, past the furnace, and through the stair slats. Look at my posts and you will find my descriptions and pictures.

Geo is absolutely right about the cold air issue, we like to use electric heaters with thermostats, so when the furnace is not running and pulling the inside air back through the return air to the intake of the furnace, it really gets cold down there, but you are also not heating the basement area for the water tanks etc. There has been alot of discussion over time about putting an electric heater, (assuming you are plugged into shore power) into the basement area to help keep that area warm, the only draw back that I can see with that is that the bedroom area would probably get very hot with the heat rising up through the bedroom floor, and you would have to make sure it is put in a safe area. We have not done this ourselves yet but might try it some time, just my 2 cent worth. Happy Hunting..........Ron
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