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Quote CWtheman
"CSL 16 tires are designed to provide long service lifeand dependable performance. "
This appears to be an interesting concept in the realm of trailer tires. From all that I read, trailer tires perish before they wear out. So what is the definition of "long sevice life"? I don't know what the average yearly mileage a trailer tire would do, but it seems by all accounts that the rubber hardens, cracks and decays long before the tread is worn out, on most "average use" RVs.
Currently, my TT has the "China bombs" that came with it. I expect that next year, when I return to use the trailer after 9-odd months storage, I may have to put a new set of tires on the trailer. Even at $150/ tire, we're not talking a lot of money.
Are we over-thinking this?
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