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Festus2 11-20-2013 09:59 PM

New Member? Read this BEFORE posting.
Hello and welcome to the forum. Thank you for joining and taking the time to check yourself in. When checking into the forum, tell us a bit about your RV and your tow vehicle - if you have either one or both.

If you wish, you might also want to briefly let us know about your RVing history and family. To be on the safe side, please do not reveal any personal information about you or your family.

After you have introduced yourself and wish to ask any questions about your RV, TV or any other RVing topic, please do not ask them in the New Member Check In. There are a variety of sub-forums or categories for you to submit your question. Please find the most appropriate section and post your question(s) there. You will get a better response to your question(s) if you do this rather than making them a part of your introduction.

We hope you enjoy our forum and we are looking forward to you becoming an active and contributing member.

Thank you

Moderator's Note : This post is for information only for new members and is now a Sticky in the New Member Check In. Please do not introduce yourself in this Sticky. Create a new post in the New Member Check In. Thanks.

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