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Keystone Forum Rules

Keystone Forum Rules: Current User Conduct Policy

As a member of this forum, I agree that my posts will be free of:

1) Any abusive, obscene, insulting, slanderous, hateful, sexually-oriented, and threatening language and any political and religious material.

2) Repeated negative comments, trashing, or "attacks" on products, manufacturers, or organizations. Posts concerning problems or issues with products, manufacturers or organizations are acceptable and appropriate.

3) Any adverstisements, promotions, either direct or indirect (URL's, Links, etc.) of commercial products or services except for links that are included as a helpful referral, to explain or to make a point.

4) Spam or spamming in any form or registering multiple names. Spammers will have their membership revoked and their posts will be removed immediately without notice.

As a member, I also understand and agree that:

1) The administrator and/or the moderators may move, remove, edit or close any post or topic at any time as they see fit.

2) A warning will be issued to members who do not adhere to Forum rules and any further abuse or misuse may result in the cancellation of membership without notice.

3) Respectful, courteous and appropriate behavior towards all members, including moderators and administrators, is expected. Members who do not act in this manner may have their membership suspended or permanently revoked.

4) In order to retain my membership after joining, I will contribute at least 1 post within the first 2 years and log on and visit the forum at least once during the first year. Members who remain inactive during these periods will have their membership cancelled.

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