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07-09-2010, 05:27 AM
We are moving up from a pop up & are looking at a 2003 Keystone springdale 26footer ,my wife & I are pleased with the layout & overall condition , clean & well kept my concern is that the floor seems mushy all over & I can not find any signs of water damage The owner called a local RV dealer & he said you will have this in lower end units & that it is a common thing--- Just dosen't feel right to me --- Any thoughts would be appreciated
also What is this thing worth?? asking $8500.

Thanks Jr

07-09-2010, 08:24 AM
Jr: I think that a certain amount of give or slight flexing of a floor is to be expected but there should be a solid and firm feeling to it as well. (Hope that makes sense). However, I would be concerned if the floor felt soft, spongy or "mushy" in specific areas or as you stated, "all over". Some checks that you might consider are: removing the floor vents and checking the exposed wood (plywood or composition), backing off some screws that go into the floor to see if they are rusty, crawling underneath to see if you can see and examine the floor, check for any bulges or high spots, look in the lower cupboards, under sofas and along the interior sidewalls, and for any evidence of carpet staining.
Floors that feel soft and mushy underfoot are not, in my opinion, "a common thing in lower end units" and your concern is justified.
Like to be able to help you with the asking price but not able to offer an informed opinion.